Tomosynthesis reconstruction from multi-beam x-ray sources

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Tomosynthesis Reconstruction From Multi Beam X Ray Sources – 676504

View program details for SPIE Medical Imaging conference on Physics of Medical Imaging. Sign In View Cart (0) Help. About. About the Society Validation and optimization of digital breast tomosynthesis reconstruction using an anthropomorphic software breast phantom Multi-beam x-ray source breast tomosynthesis reconstruction with.

Shaojie Tang, Hengyong Yu and Xuanqin Mou, Analytic simulation scheme for x-ray projections based on physical model, Developments in X-Ray Tomography V, Proceedings of SPIE, VolPaper IDT, 9 pages, Aug, San Diego, CA, United States. Stationary digital breast tomosynthesis system with a multi-beam fleld emission x-ray source array - April · Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering A stationary digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) system using a carbon nanotube based multi-beam field emission x-ray (MBFEX) source has been designed.

The x-ray imaging system of claim 13 wherein the x-ray source includes a plurality of pixels for producing the pulsed x-ray beams, and wherein the x-ray source is operable to apply the pulsed x-ray beams from the different pixels to the object from different angles.

Stationary digital breast tomosynthesis system with a multi-beam field emission x-ray source array

The x-ray source rotates in a continuous motion 10, 11 or using a step-and-shoot motion. 12 In both methods, the motion of the x-ray source can have an adverse effect on tomosynthesis reconstruction quality and total imaging time. 13, 14 The source motion results in a blurred focal spot.

A blurred focal spot decreases the spatial resolution of. A x-ray digital tomosynthesis system comprising:a field emission x-ray source that generates a scanning x-ray beam from an array of spatially distributed x-ray focal spots configured to image an object from different viewing angles for tomosynthesis reconstruction;an area x-ray detector configured to detect projection images of the object;an.

Tomosynthesis reconstruction from multi-beam x-ray sources
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