Supercharger vs turbocharger

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supercharger pulley. These beautifully crafted pulleys are the newest addition to our supercharger pulley range which have been one of our best-sellers. Turbochargers usually have lag, and generate a lot of heat, while superchargers suck power from the engine to run, and therefore aren't very efficient.

But that's just a simple explanation. Superchargers vs Turbos: A Beginner's Guide. Knowing the basic differences between a supercharger and a turbo will allow you to dig deeper into which may better fit your lifestyle. With that said, I'd go with the Supercharger.

Just my humble opinion. Spending other people's money is always easy. For once a week towing, and normal truck usage the supercharger. Ready for the Pavement. The GT already offers quite a lot of raw power under the hood, but this VMP GEN II-R TVS L supercharger goes beyond the stock rate by over horsepower.

Turbochargers differ from superchargers because they run on exhaust gases. The turbocharger bolts onto the exhaust manifold, and when exhaust gases pass through the turbo, they spin a wheel (turbine), which is connected via a shaft that spins another wheel (compressor) on the other side.

Supercharger vs turbocharger
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