Sir thomas stamford raffles

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My hero: Thomas Stamford Raffles by Victoria Glendinning

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Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

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Sir Stamford Raffles: Sir Stamford Raffles, British East Indian administrator and founder of the port city of Singapore (), who was largely responsible for the creation of Britain’s Far Eastern empire. He was knighted in Born to an improvident merchant captain and his wife during a homeward voyage from the.

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles () was an English colonial administrator, historian, and founder of Singapore. A man of vision, industry, and feeling, he made incalculable contributions to the knowledge of the Malay Archipelago and to the British overseas empire.

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (b. 6 Julyoff Port Morant, Jamaica–d. 5 JulyMiddlesex, England) is famously known as the founder of modern Singapore. Besides signing the treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor on 6 February that gave the British East India Company the right to set up a trading post in Singapore, Raffles.

Stamford Raffles was an English administrator and traveler who oversaw the establishment of Singapore. Born on a ship on July 6,near Port Morant, Jamaica, Thomas Stamford Raffles went on to Born: Jul 06, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is one of the key persons who are responsible to the founding of modern Singapore.

He played an important role in forming a British Settlement, Singapore, in the Melaka straits despite facing rejections, such as Dutch or even resistance in London itself. He is a. Sir Stamford Raffles, in full Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, (born July 6,at sea, off Port Morant, Jam.—died July 5,London, Eng.), British East Indian administrator and founder of the port city of Singapore (), who was largely responsible for the creation of Britain’s Far Eastern empire.

He was knighted in

Sir thomas stamford raffles
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