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Basic PHP File Handling — Create, Open, Read, Write, Append, Close, and Delete

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PHP 5 File Create/Write PHP Write to File - fwrite() The fwrite() function is used to write to a file. The first parameter of fwrite() contains the name of the file to write to and the second parameter is the string to be written.

The example below writes a couple of names into a new file called "". I'm trying to write username and password to a new line in a txt file. The output should be something like this in the txt file.

I know this is not very secure but its just for learning purposes. Add a new line to a CSV file. Ask Question. up vote 33 down vote favorite. 8. If I have a CSV saved on a server, how can I use PHP to write a given line, say ,fred,elephants to the bottom of it?

php csv. @Overcode: For the line itself use fputs / fwrite - in case you want to write one record. PHP - File Append. So far we have learned how to open, close, read, and write to a file. However, the ways in which we have written to a file so far have caused the. Afterwards, fwrite() will safe your string data "as-is", and that is in PHP until now binary data, because strings in PHP are binary strings.

Background: Some systems differ between text and binary data.

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