National achievement test in philippines

National Achievement Test Philippines 2017 Results

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National Achievement Test: Overview

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Philippines Education for All National Review This report was prepared by the relevant national authorities in view of the World Education Forum (Incheon, Republic of Korea. To assess and monitor the quality of basic education in the Philippines, achievement tests were administered to public schools both elementary and secondary.

These achievement tests include National Achievement Test (NAT), Regional Achievement Test (RAT) and Division Achievement Test (DAT). Chuck Yeager is unquestionably the most famous test pilot of all time.

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The NAT or National Achievement Test is one of the primary means of assessment used by the Philippine government to discern progress in its basic education system. The project supports the government’s Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda which is designed to help improve the quality and equity of basic education in the Philippines.

The Health Devices Achievement Award is presented each year to an ECRI Institute member institution that has demonstrated an outstanding initiative that improves patient safety, reduces costs, or otherwise facilitates better strategic management of health technology.

National achievement test in philippines
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