Kingdom of iha

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Kingdom of Iha

Despite recent slowdowns, Turkey remains one of Europe’s leading markets for future hydropower development due to a combination of abundant resources, a supportive government, and favourable policy framework.

Kutai is a historic region in East Kalimantan in Indonesia on the island of Borneo and is also the name of the native ethnic of the region, numbering aroundwho have their own language of the same name and their own rich history.

Today the name is preserved in the names of three regencies in East Kalimantan, the Kutai Kartanegara Regency, the West Kutai Regency and the East Kutai Regency.

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Kuivasaari Coastal Artillery Fortress – standing guard over Helsinki

Singhasari was a Javanese Hindu–Buddhist kingdom located in east Java between and (today Indonesia).The kingdom succeeded the Kingdom of Kediri as the dominant kingdom in eastern Java. The kingdom's name cognate to Singosari district of Malang Regency, located several kilometres north of Malang city.

Kingdom of iha
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