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I don’t like all of the things listed but I accept that most white people like said things. I also can laugh about this. Black people who see a black person make fun of another black person and stereotype against him/her, say “what an asshole”.

0. All posts must make an attempt at humor. We won't remove posts where the humor is crappy or unfunny (that's a subjective judgement), but every post must make at least some attempt at humor.

Sep 10,  · Listen to this. If you do best by hearing things, and can retain information that comes to you orally, you're probably an auditory learner.

Here are some characteristics to help you determine if. Funny Things to Say to Siri When You're Bored Siri is the funniest feature on your iPhone. Apple's voice recognition software is like an intelligent personal assistant—she can help you get things done, like send texts, make calls, and schedule meetings.

Creative people are different. That’s it. There’s something charming and irresistible about them, somehow they manage to see the world from another perspective, and the things they do, the decision they make are just different than what the rest of the people would usually do.

25 Fun Things To Ask Siri. Comments. October 19, am. I’ve gotta say that I’ve been having fun with Siri over the past weekend. Siri is the built-in digital assistent in the iPhone 4s. You can ask it things in plain English (or other languages) and it will either use its built-in intelligence to answer the question or it will.

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