Attack on uss cole

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U.S. failure to retaliate for USS Cole attack rankled then — and now

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USS Cole is Bombed

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USS Cole Bombing

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USS Cole attack

USS Cole (DDG) is an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer homeported in Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.

Cole is named in honor of Marine Sergeant Darrell S. Cole, a machine-gunner killed in action on Iwo Jima on 19 Februaryduring World War II. On October 12,suicide terrorists exploded a small boat alongside the USS Cole—a Navy Destroyer—as it was refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden.

The blast ripped a foot-wide hole near. USS Cole attack: USS Cole attack, suicide attack by Muslim militants associated with the organization al-Qaeda against a U.S. naval destroyer, the USS Cole, on October 12, The suicide bombers steered a small boat into the side of the Cole, ripping a 1,square foot.

Jan 18,  · The USS Cole bombing was a terrorist attack against the United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG) on 12 Octoberwhile it was being refueled in Yemen's Aden harbor.

Seventeen American sailors were killed and 39 injured[1] in the deadliest attack against a United States naval vessel since This image provided by the U.S.

Navy shows damage sustained by the USS Cole after the suicide bombing on Oct. 12, Sep 18,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts on the bombing of the USS Cole and learn more about the terrorist attack in Yemen on October 12,

Attack on uss cole
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